My Personal SUTTON Family Research

My principal research interest: Joshua and Catherine [Hamilton] Sutton and descendants.

My direct SUTTON family genealogical research leads back only as far as the early 1800s. I have traced them back from Massachusetts where my father was born to Quebec, first Montreal and then back to Kingsey Falls and Wendover. Wendover, Quebec is a river community in Drummond county, just outside of Drummondville. Drummondville is found about 65 miles Northeast of Montreal.

I am focusing research on the family of Joshua and Catherine [Hamilton] Sutton of Wendover, Drummond county, Quebec. I believe from a review of Census entries that they arrived in Quebec between 1815 and 1825 from Ireland or USA. The 1825 Canadian Census finds a Joshua Sutton family in Wendover with 10 'inmates.' There may be four additional family members that are now unknown to us, certainly there is a 10-12 year gap between Robert aad Mary's birthdates and those of William Hamilton and Alicia M.

Known Children:

1. Robert SUTTON, born ca 1803-05 in Ireland according to later Census responses, married Sarah C. Buckland on 15 Oct. 1829 at St. James CE in Hatley, Stanstead county, Quebec and lived nearby in Barford, Quebec. Robert moved after 1870 to Turner, Maine USA where he died in 1880. He and Sarah had nine children.

2. Mary SUTTON, married Thomas William BRIDSON, Lumber Merchant, on 12 Aug 1825 at the Sutton farm in Wendover, Drummond County, Quebec. Both are reported decesased on the 8 Sep 1859 date of the marriage of their daughter Eliza to Andrew DUNCAN. Mary and Thomas may have been living in Quebec City when they died.

3. William Hamilton "James" SUTTON,born ca 1818, was married in 1846 in Kingsey, Drummond Co., Quebec, Canada to Mary Abercrombie of the Robert Spence Abercrombie family. He died in Kingsey Falls on 2 May 1861. He had six children several of whom moved to Worcester, Massachusetts and NH. Mary died in nearby Danville, Quebec.

4. Alicia M. SUTTON, born abt 1821 also perhaps in Ireland, married Alexander SCOTT in 1847 at St. Paul CE in Kingsey Falls, Drummond co., Quebec. She died on 11 Apr. 1874 and is buried in Crooker Brook cemetery in Dixville, Stanstead co., Quebec. Alicia and Alexander had five children.


Descendants of Joshua SUTTON

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