King David Sutton: Preacher - Red Banks Primitive Baptist Church

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Please can someone help me with this family?
According to an old letter written in 1947 a descendant of David Sutton related the following information concerning her heritage. The letter reads as follows:

"My grandmother on my Daddy's side was named Cinderella Ann Sutton- her father was named King David Sutton. He was a preacher at Red Banks Church (note: Red Banks Primitive Baptist Church, established 1758)and she was raised on the same road that Odell lives on. If you go up the road just a short way, you will see a grave yard fenced in on the right hand side of the road. My Grand Father Sutton is buried there.

My Grandmother Sutton had 5 sisters:

Barbara Ann married a Nobles (Johnson Nobles) b. ca 1800/07
Sally Ann married a Braxton(Felix)b. ca 1826
Betsy Ann married a Barber (Abraham)b. ca 1827
Lydia Ann married Simon Noblesb. ca 1831
Trish Ann married Guilford Stokes b. ca 1836

Cinderella Ann (my grandmother) married James Allen"


In Red Banks Church minutes of Pitt County, NC David Sutton is shown deceased on 14 December 1837.

Another letter dated 1947 written to a man who loved researching the people of Pitt County whose records are now stored at our local library reads as follows:

"...Jimmie Sutton had two sisters one was Lydia Nobles and one was Trishann Stokes, it seems he had one more brother one was named Noah will find out about the other one and let you know........"

A write-up by J. L. Jackson who had the above records on the family of Felix Braxton. "Mr. Braxton married Miss Salann Sutton. She had several sisters and each of them had Ann attached to their names--Betsann, Treacyann, and a brother whose name was James A. Some of the folks called him Jimmyann...."

----------------------------------------------------------------- -------

Pitt County DB HH, Pg. 496 records the division of land of David Sutton dau:

1) Trisha Ann Sutton
2) Henry Sutton
3) Benjamin Sutton
4) James & Elijah Sutton
5) Noah Sutton (Mar-May Term 1838)

This land division was the result of a petition from Trisha Ann who asked the court for "a share of the lands which David possessed equal in value to the share which would have descended to her had no will been made. The will only divided the estate into 4 lots - Noah, Henry, Benjamin, and James and Elijah jointly.

Henry died apparently by 1840 as David Sutton Jr? of Perry County, AL gave Power of Attorney to John Sutton to recover his interest in the lands of Henry Sutton. Benjamin lost his share of the estate that he received from his brother Henry's estate and apparently moved from Pitt County. Elijah was in the household of Lydia Sutton in 1850 listed as age 23. Lydia Sutton was apparently the second wife of David Sutton Sr. Research on David Sutton Jr.? in Perry County shows him and wife Susan (Tyson, dau. of Allen Tyson)and 7 daughters. David's age is shown as 37 on 1850 census.

DB NN-Page 514 shows the division of William Henry Sutton as being divided in 12 shares. 1)Benjamin 2) David 3) Barbara & husband Johnson Nobles 4) Elizabeth and husband Abram Barber 5) John 6) Noah 7)Cinderella and hus. James Allen 8) Sarah Ann and husb. Felix Braxton 9)Lydia and husb. Simon E. Nobles, and 10)Trisha Ann and husb. Guilford Stokes.

Various researchers contend that Henry was the father of these children above and that they were his heirs. But heirs is a loose term and they could very well have been siblings. Henry is not shown as a tax payer in Pitt County in 1815, only David Sutton. Also on the 1820 Census for Pitt County are only two listings for Sutton. David Sutton 1 male 16-18, 1 male 16-26, 1 male over 45, 3 females under 10, 1 female 26-45--Benjamin Sutton 1 male 16-26, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10-16, 1 female 16-26.

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