My Four Sutton Generations: Philpot John Sutton of Stanstead, PQ

by Robert C. Hunter, 3762 Center Way, Fairfax, VA 22033 and research performed by Jim Sutton, Editor.

1. Philpot John Sutton, m. Susan Hummon

2. Joshua B. Sutton, m. Sarah Clifford

3. Susan M. Sutton (did not marry)

4. Elbert Joshua Sutton, m. Mary Louise Haines

First Generation

1. Philpot John Sutton and Susan Hunnex were married on November 1, 1785 at Deptford, Saint Paul, Kent County, ENGLAND. Deptford is a southern suburb of London. Susan's surname is also shown as Susan Hummon or Hammox in various entries. Philpot is a fairly common family name in London Records.

They came from Sutton Court, Kent County, ENGLAND, to America about 1797. They lived eight years in New Hampshire and Vermont -- they were in Barnet, Vermont in 1800. In 1805 they settled on lot 12 (or 2), 2nd range of Barnston, Stanstead county, QUEBEC. They were exemplary and useful members of the Baptist Church. Philpot died on 24 December 1813 at 60 years. Susan died on 8 March 1847 at 93 years of age. Both are buried in the Gould-Kingscroft cemetery outside of Barnston, Quebec [about one mile east of Hatley township]. There children were:

i. Sarah, b. , who married John Bellows, Esq. and had no children.

ii. John, b. 18 January 1792 in London, ENG, d. 2 August 1870. He married (1) Sally Smith and (2) Philinda May. All are buried in the Gould-Kingscroft cemetery.

iii. Daniel, who married and went to Wisconsin.

iv. Joshua B., b. 9 January 1797.

Secord Generation

2. Joshua B. Sutton, son of Philpot John Sutton, was born 9 January 1797, and died 28 November 1851. He married Sarah Clifford who was born 25 June 1800 and died 21 December 1874. Both are buried in the Gould-Kingscroft cemetery.

On October 5, 1829, Joshua Sutton in return for the first year's quit rent of one pound, five shillings was authorized by William Bowman Fenton, the Commissioner for the Sale and Management of Crown Lands in the Province of Lower Canada, to occupy 100 acres of land in the south half of crown lot number 10 in the 2nd range of Barnston.

The rent was calculated as 5 percent of the value of the land of 25 pounds. Joshua had the option of continuing to pay the rent or to purchase the land.

A letter dated April 11, 1837, from a Mr. Baxter to Joshua Sutton says "If you wish to purchase that land that I had of Joseph Clifford this is your time in as much as I am going west in a few days" (Joseph Clifford was undoubtedly the Joseph who was Joshua's brother-in-law). I have not determined whether Joshua bought the land.

Also of interest is a copy of what appears to be an account from Charles Snow to J. Sutton (Joshua?) in 1827 and 1828 mostly for whiskey made from potatoes.

The 1871 Census lists Sarah in range 1 to 5 with her daughter Susan M., another woman and a grandson Elbert.

Joshua and Sarah's children were:

i. Daniel C. Sutton, b. 27 February 1820.

ii. Nancy Sutton, b. 28 July 1821.

iii. Philander Sutton, b. 8 November 1822.

iv. Lucius Sutton, b. 10 September 1824.

v. Sarah Sutton, b. 31 July 1827.

vi. Susan M. Sutton, b. 2 September 1830.

vii. Martha Sutton, b. 2 September 1830. (died young)

viii. Deborah Sutton, b. 2 April 1833.

ix. Charles Sutton, b. 26 December 1837..

x. Myra D. Sutton, b. 24 January 1841.

xi. Allured D. Sutton, b. 24 March 1843.

Third Generation

3. Susan M. Sutton was born 2 September 1830; she died in 1899.

Susan did not marry. Family tradition as related to the writer by Marion Poole Sutton is that she was engaged to be married to a Mr. Tyler and became pregnant. However, another woman also became pregnant by him and Susan dissolved the relationship. (The 1861 Canadian Census lists a William Tyler, age 33, in Stanstead County).

Susan's son, Elbert Joshua, was born 10 September 1862 when Susan was 32 years old -- an advanced age for a first child at that time.

Again tradition is that she ran the farm. However, in the 1871 Census where she is listed with her mother Sarah, Susan's occupation is listed as "school mistress." She apparently held some type of supervisory or administrative position in the school system. Marian Haines' diary for around 1890 indicates that she delivered a portion of her check to Miss Sutton. Deeds indicate (1) that the farm passed to all the heirs (one-tenth each) when her mother died without a will in 1874; (2) Philander Sutton acquired the one-tenth share of Allured and Myra and obtained Power of Attorney for his brother Daniel and Daniel's wife Camira Boynton, living in Newell, Iowa; (3) Philander deeded Elbert Sutton 29 acres on September 14, 1885; and (4) in December 1886 Philander, acting for himself and Daniel and his brother Charles deeded their collective five-tenths interest in the 31 acres in Lot 10 2nd range of Barnston to Susan. (This land was bounded on the north by land of John Grism who was married to Susan's sister, Sarah, on the east by land of the late Lucius Sutton and on the west by the public road.) By the 1930's Margaret Sutton remembers the "Grism Place" was part of the Sutton farm.

It is also interesting to note that although Susan was a twin, this did not reoccur until 109 years later when her granddaughter, Mary Louis Sutton, had twins.

Fourth Generation

4. Elbert Joshua Sutton was born 10 September 1862 at Barnston, Quebec. He died 29 May 1916. He married (1) Charlotte Standish who was born in July 1862 and died in July 1886. He married (2) 27 September 1893 to Mary Louis Haines who was born 29 September 1873 at East Hatley, Quebec and died 1 February 1939. All are buried at Gould-Kingscroft Cemetery, Barnston, Quebec.

Ellie's first wife, Charlotte, died at age 24. Although there is no indication of wrong doing, family tradition is that her mother-in-law Susan was not particularly found of Charlotte.

Ellie did not marry again for seven years.

When their eldest child was born in 1894, Ellie was working as a street car conductor in Boston to bring in extra money.

Ellie is remembered by his daughter-in-law Marion Sutton as a practical joker. Such jokes were also played on him. In her diary for 6 March 1892, Marion Haines tells of Ellie coming to visit his future wife, Lou. Lou's brothers and sisters took Ellie's policeman's overcoat and thoroughly sewed up all the openings.

Philpot John Sutton & Descendants

from research conducted by Jim Sutton, Editor

1-- Philpot John SUTTON (1753-1813)
 sp-Susan HUNNESC (1754-1847)
    2-- Sarah SUTTON
     sp-John BELLOWS Esq
    2-- John SUTTON (1793)
     sp-Sally SMITH ( -1821)
        3-- John Philpot SUTTON Dr. (1816)
            Lived in Richmond Co. then moved to Kingston, ONT.
         sp-Anne GRUEN
            4-- William SUTTON
                5-- Annie SUTTON
            4-- Ellen SUTTON
             sp-James MILLER
            4-- Ada SUTTON
             sp-V TRUELL
                5-- Mabel TRUELL
            4-- Henry SUTTON
            4-- Charles SUTTON
            4-- Bertha SUTTON
             sp-Leroy CONGER
        3-- Susan Charlotte SUTTON (1818)
         sp-Aaron Upton DAMON
         sp-Philinda MAY (1796-1891)
        3-- Calvin M SUTTON (1824-1847)
        3-- Luman Gilson SUTTON (1826)
         sp-Lorena Ann MERRIMAN (1836-1896)
            4-- Charles Ernest SUTTON (1852-1870)
            4-- William Don SUTTON (1854-1885)
             sp-Jennie E MCALLISTER
                5-- Marjory SUTTON
                 sp-Roy W SUMMERS
                    6-- Winford SUMMERS
                    6-- Cedric SUMMERS
                    6-- Geneveive SUMMERS
                    6-- June SUMMERS
                    6-- Mildred SUMMERS
                    6-- Frances M SUMMERS
                    6-- Don William SUMMERS
           4-- Mary Ellen SUTTON (1860-1864)
           4-- Myra Olive SUTTON (1863)
           4-- Lucius Lincoln SUTTON (1865-1866)
           4-- Luman Everett SUTTON (1864-1908)
            sp-Lora HILL
               5-- Hilda L SUTTON (1903)
       3-- Sarah Hazeltine SUTTON (1828-1890)
        sp-John GRISIM (1829-1886)
           4-- Freddie John GRISIM (1865)
            sp-Ella WHEELER
               5-- Gracia GRISIM
           4-- Fritz Willie GRISIM (1868)
       3-- Dean Hazeltine SUTTON (1831)
        sp-Mariah MAY (1831)
           4-- Caraline May SUTTON (1848)
       3-- George Willie SUTTON (1834)
        sp-Rosie HANSON (1836-1917)
           4-- Dean E SUTTON (1852)
           4-- Sarah M SUTTON (1858)
            sp-Henry MORRISON
               5-- Annie MORRISON
                sp-Frank SUTTON
                sp-Bernard WILLIAMS
               5-- Henry MORRISON
           4-- Laura M SUTTON (1860)
           4-- George Albert SUTTON (1864-1947)
            sp-Katie A KILBURN (1870-1919)
               5-- Verlie Uldene SUTTON (1898)
           4-- Philinda SUTTON
            sp-John WEBSTER
               5-- Mabel WEBSTER
               5-- Mildred WEBSTER
           4-- Charles SUTTON
   2-- Daniel SUTTON
   2-- Joshua SUTTON (1797-1851)
    sp-Sarah CLIFFORD
       3-- Daniel Clifford SUTTON (1820)
        sp-Cemira (Samira) BOYNTON
           4-- Della C SUTTON (1846)
           4-- Ellen SUTTON (1848)
           4-- Greenleef SUTTON
           4-- May SUTTON (1860)
       3-- Nancy SUTTON (1821)
        sp-Lucius EDSON
           4-- Lucius EDSON Jr
            sp-Ella MORRISON
               5-- Pearl Irene EDSON
                sp-William J HUNTER
           4-- Dixon EDSON
           4-- Addie EDSON
            sp-Frank R MORRISON
               5-- Gladys MORRISON
                sp-Harry BALDWIN
               5-- Archie MORRISON
       3-- Sarah SUTTON (1827)
        sp-Charles BALDWIN
           4-- Albert BALDWIN
           4-- Adelbert BALDWIN
           4-- Minnie BALDWIN
       3-- Philander SUTTON (1822-1887)
        sp-Agnes FRAZER
           4-- Mary SUTTON (1866-1903)
           4-- Margaret SUTTON (1868)
       3-- Susan SUTTON (1830)
           4-- Elbert Joshua SUTTON (1862-1916)
            sp-Mary Louise HAINES (1873-1939)
               5-- Walter Elbert SUTTON (1894-1948)
                sp-Marion Almada POOLE
               5-- Harold Haines SUTTON (1896-1966)
                sp-Frances Marion BUCKLAND (1893-1980)
                   6-- Tacy Caroline SUTTON (1927)
                    sp-Clare Cedric PERKINS (1926)
                   6-- Elbert Sydney SUTTON (1930)
                    sp-Ethel PAGE (1936)
               5-- Freeman Hitchcock SUTTON (1898-1969)
                sp-Doris MORGAN (1898-1987)
               5-- Mary Louise SUTTON (1904-1971)
                sp-Harold DRESSER
                sp-Charlotte M STANDISH (1864-1888)
       3-- Lucius SUTTON (1824-1871)
        sp-Adeline Eliza BALL
           4-- James Joshua SUTTON (1854-1916)
            sp-Carrie A MORRISON
               5-- Burnham SUTTON
                sp-Carolyn FAIRFIELD
               5-- Minnie SUTTON
               5-- Frank SUTTON
                sp-Annie MORRISON
               5-- Carrie SUTTON
                sp-Charles KENNEDY
                   6-- Virginia KENNEDY
                   6-- Gwendolyn KENNEDY
                   6-- Clinton KENNEDY
               5-- Carl SUTTON
                sp-Annie LINCOLN
                   6-- Kathleen SUTTON
                   6-- Stewart SUTTON
                   6-- Muriel SUTTON
                   6-- Caroline SUTTON
           4-- Jennie SUTTON (1857)
            sp-Alexander ROBINSON
           4-- Sarah Jane SUTTON (1857)
            sp-Alexander Hume ROBERTSON Rev
       3-- Charles Arthur SUTTON (1837-1903)
        sp-Olive Maria MORRISON (1846-1918)
           4-- Charles Edward SUTTON (1875)
            sp-Mimi GLEASON
               5-- Allan Edward SUTTON
                sp-Flora COOKE
           4-- Myra Addie Ethia SUTTON (1878)
            sp-Ernest PARKER
               5-- Gordon PARKER
               5-- Olive PARKER
               5-- Charles PARKER
               5-- Alice PARKER
           4-- Stanley John SUTTON (1881-1945)
            sp-Anna Rosina OBERG ( -1937)
               5-- Florence Olive SUTTON (1906)
                   6-- Myrna Down SUTTON (1954)
               5-- Gerald SUTTON
               5-- Albert Edward SUTTON (1908-1920)
               5-- Percy SUTTON
               5-- Myra Victoria SUTTON (1909-1909)
               5-- Ruby Violet SUTTON ( -1915)
               5-- Lawrence Walter SUTTON ( -1913)
               5-- Stanley Percy SUTTON (1911)
           4-- Earle Philander SUTTON (1884)
            sp-Julia Jane GILL
               5-- Stewart Albert SUTTON (1909)
               5-- Marion Grace SUTTON (1913)
       3-- Deborah L SUTTON (1833)
           4-- Gertrude KINNEY
           4-- Fredric GOODHUE
       3-- Myra D SUTTON (1841)
        sp-Robert ROBINSON
       3-- Alured D SUTTON (1843)
        sp-Betsey A CHAPMAN

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