Thank you for your wonderful publication. I am a direct descendant from Hannah Hayden and Jonathan Sutton. Their son Zachariah was my G-G-G-grandfather. I am enclosing copies of biographical sketches printed in the 1880 History of Belmont & Jefferson Counties. They might be helpful to fellow researchers. My great-grandfather was William West Sutton, the youngest grandchild of Zachariah and Nancy King Sutton. I have the William West line completed for anyone interested.
Sue Thomas, 29 W. Lakeview Dr., Butler, OH 44822
Sue: Yes!! Send in your information on William West Sutton. We'd love to print it for all SUTTON SEARCHERS. -Jim


Dear Jim:

I have the following limited Sutton info: Clarissa B. Sutton, born 19 Jul 1839 in Scott Co., IN, married Lemach Adkins on 5 Jun 1856 in Andrew Co., MO, died 24 Sep 1900 in Phillipsburg, KS.
Teddy Noye, 40-935 Ave. Arcada, Palm Desert, CA 92260

Dear Jim:

I am researching the following Suttons: Susan Latricia Sutton
daughter of Edward D. Sutton, born 1869 Marshall Co., KS. She was married abt 1842 in McHenry, IL and resided in 1850 in Buchanon Co., IA. Also, in 1850 a Lot Sutton resided in Buchanon Co., IA
Toni Reed, 1916 Lynn, Pampa, TX 79065

Dear Sir/Madam:

Being an advanced beginner at genealogy, I am very interested in all the help I can get. My grandmother's maiden name was Margaret Ann Sutton. The family was from Delaware Co., IN. Her father' name was Thomas A. Sutton. His father was Oliver P. Sutton. Before that, I'm not sure. I saw your ad in the Genealogical Helper and thought I'd like to subscribe. I would appreciate hearing from anyone researching this area of Indiana for Suttons.
Linda Thorpe, 5019 Bridget Av SE, Auburn, WA 98092

Dear Mr. Jim Sutton:

Hi, I'm a Sutton. I had e-mail from a Karen Wood (kwood@blue.weeg.uiowa.edu) regarding Suttons, and she gave me your name. My lineage traces on the Sutton side back to a Cornelius Sutton, my 5th great-grandfather in Middlesex Co., NJ, S. Amboy Twp., and Ms Wood found some promising facts on the tax roles. However, Cornelius Sutton apparently had a first wife with a last name of Applegate, don't know the first name, maybe she died just after they were married. Then it appears that he married Elizabeth Davis Maxson, the widow of Ephraim Maxson. Ms Maxson was either from RI or NJ. She died Apr. 1751 in Shrewsbury, NJ.

Cornelius had a son John N. Sutton, b 20 Oct. 1785, NJ. and he was also found on the tax roles in the same Twp. I'm not sure which of the two ladies-Ms. Maxson or Ms. Applegate was his mother. Getting back to Cornelius- I'm, not sure who is his father, but we have a clue that his mother had a maiden name of Jane Clawson. Again, living in NJ., the daughter of Elizabeth Martin and John Clawson. I'm trying to find the next link in the chain. Who is Cornelius's father, and his origin.?? Ms. Wood states that she is related to an Ambrose and Sarah Warner, Kent England. and she has many Suttons in the Middlesex Co. area of NJ. from about 1669 and on. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. By the way, are we related ? I'm from Norfolk, VA b.9/27/47, father Robert William Sutton, b 8 Mar 1918, d. 13 Feb. 1995, Mother Nancy Chester Sustare, b. 17 Nov. 1920., Matthews, NC. Keep in touch, I'm new at this obviously, but my sister is a real genee researcher.
Robert P. Sutton, (RPS-SESI@ix.netcom.com)

Hi !

I have one Sutton name and no birth or death dates ! While researching my Shurtleff line, I got the name Grace SUTTON, married to Lemuel SHURTLEFF (b. in Plympton, Mass.).They were the parents of 7 children. I am descended from Gideon SHURTLEFF, b. 1775 in East Hampton, Conn., d. 1855 in Ernestown, Lennox and Addington Co., Ontario. This information comes from a Shurtleff genealogy, but I am finding the Lemuel and Grace family to be the weak link in this line. No dates area given for these two and this is the link between the Canadian and New England branches of the family. I have not begun trying to verify these facts as yet, because I am working on other branches of the family right now. Do you have any records of Grace Sutton in your files? This leads into my next question (taking a long shot here...): In your research in Stanstead Co. did you come across any PEASLEEs? My Peaslees came from New Hampshire and possibly VERMONT into Canada around 1800. They ended up in Ontario, by the 1840s, but may have been in Stanstead, Quebec at the first part of the 1800s, according to one genealogy. Do you have any PEASLEEs in your line, perchance? Thanks for reading this! Hope we connect!
Melinda Anderson [Melindaroo@aol.com]

Dear Jim,

My Sutton line, that we have been able to trace goes back to my Great Grandfather, John Wesley who was born in Tennessee or Kentucky, probably is Kentucky as his mother was from Kentucky. John Wesley was born August 29, 1939, died March 18, 1904 at the home of his son in Omaha, Nebraska. The funeral was held at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Henry (Catherine) Giesing. John Wesley was married to Margaret Julia (surname unknown at this time), born in 1844 in Iowa. Margaret died in 1914 in Omaha, Nebraska. John Wesley and Margaret had 9 children and their names and approximate dates of birth are: (1) Robert M. b. 1-1870 KY, married in 1893 to Edith Hearle b. 6-20-1870 England; (2) Catherine b. 1-1870, married Henry Giesing; (3) Andrew F. b. 1871 KY, (4) John Henry b. 1874 MO, (5) Mary Josephine b. 3-11-1876 MO, married on 6-21-1898 to William Veulemans b.12-8-1866; (6) Louis G. b.9-21-1878; (7) Margaret Agnes b.3-24-1883, married in 1902 to Dock James Hite; (8) Edward Joseph b. 1-26-1885 MO, married 7-21-1918 to Katherine O. Bussinger b.1-19-1898; (9) Francis A. b. 6 or 7-1887 MO;

Kathy Cornell, 42642 Scofield Drive, Fremont, CA 94539
email address: kcornell@ix.netcom.com

Dear Sutton Searchers:

My ancestor was Joseph Sutton of Baltimore Co., MD. Joseph married Ruth Adams ca 1748. Their daughter, Keturah [Caturah] Sutton (born 1750-60s) married Samuel Shipley in Baltimore Co.
Debbie Jackson, PO Box 127, Cove, AR 71937


Keep up the excellent research and reporting!! Your newsletter is truly a fine documentation for "proof' in filing for membership in the patriotic organizations.
H. Virginia Smith, 3652 SE Clubhouse Pl, Stuart, FL 34997

Thank you kindly Virginia. I would be most excited to hear of any SUTTON SEARCHER that actually used our publication successfully for this membership purpose. - Jim


Mr. Sutton:

My Sutton genealogy is as follows:

Paternal grandfather: Michael Sutton born 21 Jun. 1861 in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Fact or fiction the story goes in the 1870's the British Navy needed additional crew members. They would slip into Irish ports in the middle of the night. The recruitment gangs would be on the street before sunrise catching young men on their way to work and force them to enlist in the British Navy. My grandfather and his brothers were snared. They got the best of the recruiters in a fight and made a hasty trip home (borrowing a neighbor's horse without permission). Their parents (I haven't been able to trace) supposedly had a good business, put them on a sailing ship to Newfoundland.

Michael met and married my grandmother, Anne Kelly, b. 8 Jun. 1870, S.E. Placentia, Nfld. Her parents John Kelly and Ellen Sinnot had a business at Little Bay, Nfld. Ellen Sinnot's father was a prospector in a mine. They traded with Ireland trading ore for retail goods. Michael and Anne had eleven living children: Alice, David, Patrick [my father], John Power, Michael O'Connell, Mary Ellen, Catherine, Bridget, Thomas Finian, Annie. Michael died in 1917 in St. John's, Nfld and my grandmother took the children to the USA. She lived in and died in 1945 in Woodside, Queens, NY.

We are planning a Sutton Reunion next year Sept. 13-15, 1996 at Daniels Top of the Poconos, PA if there are any Newfoundland Suttons or descendants among your readers who are interested.

I am researching these other surnames: Collins, McGinn, Wyse, Hearns, (O')Driscoll, Greene, Foran, Keough, King, Delaney, Smyth, Mooney.

I hope there may be a reader with Sutton connections from Kilkenny or Wexford to Newfoundland.
Catherine M. Giblin (Sutton), 120 Bayview Av, Babylon, NY 11702


I enjoy the newsletter & have found some helpful information in it. Would you consider a wider left margin so we can punch holes in the letter for a ring binder & not delete words?
Karel C. Daniel, 103 Loraine Forest Ct, Macon, GSA 31210



Sign me up for another year. I am enjoying the newsletter, each issue I find more interesting than the last.

Barbara Murray, 309 S. Hutchinson, Muncie, IN 47403-4728

Dear James:

Sutton has long been on my research list and I have, so far, not had much luck in extending the line to more modern times.

It begins in Oxfordshire UK with Henry Sutton, b. 8 Aug. 1641 to Joseph Sutton/Ann ? (no details). Henry married in 1669 Ann Venemore (uncertain of the "Ann" - bad registry entry) who had a dau. Martha Sutton 2 May 1686. These entries are all taken from the Kirtlington PR. A copy of this is in the enclosed print-out of ALL the Suttons recorded in the surrounding 44 parishes and extracted by me. The line continues through Martha Sutton/Joseph England; Sarah England/Joseph Hedges; Elizabeth Hedges/Thomas Coles; Thomas Frederick Coles/Clarice Mylum. The latter are my parents and, as you see, seven generations back there were Suttons. I would be delighted if you could use this information as a newsletter entry.
Arthur Coles, 506 MacKay St, Pembroke ONT K8A 1E6 CANADA
Arthur's listing of English Suttons will be in the next issue of the newsletter. - Jim


Hi & Season's Greetings:

Where are you getting the Sutton wills printed on the last page of the October 1995 issue. Does this mean that someone beside myself and Ottie Sutton are interested in the Suttons in the Westchester Co., NY / Greenwich, CT area?

Patricia M. Mcfadden, 922 Berkeley St, Santa Monica, CA 90403-2308

Patricia: Sure, I'm interested in these and all Suttons! Seriously, I found those entries in a FHL in New Jersey when I was on a business trip last summer. I hoped that they'd be of some interest to a fellow SUTTON SEARCHER. - Jim


Elizabeth Sutton --

Since 1979 1 have been trying to find the parentage and birthplace of my g.g. grandmother, Elizabeth Sutton. I do know from a Family Bible of the Langtry Family that she was born (or baptized) 22 Oct. 1792, possibly in New Jersey or with her parents if they left NJ for newly opened territory in western counties of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio.

I do know from a certified marriage license that Elizabeth Sutton married John Polhemus Barkalow in Butler Co., OH, on 1 Feb. 1813. She died in Warren Co., OH, 28 Jan 1849. John Barkalow was born in Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co., New Jersey and died in Warren County also but on 4 August 1829, and Elizabeth was left to rear their 9 living children. Both Elizabeth and John Sutton were buried in the Barkalow Cemetery (also known as Old Prairie Burying Ground) near Franklin, Warren Co. This was confirmed in Mr. Allen Betzler's findings in "New Jersey Transplants" and a photo I took before that cemetery was restored and fenced by the Georgia-Pacific Co. who maintains the grounds at the present time.

Even so there is no record in Warren Co. or adjoining counties regarding this Sutton family. The only record they could furnish was the marriage of my g.grandmother, Mary Barkalow to Edward Bond 27 Dec. 1849. They moved to Greenville, Darke Co., Ohio and later to Indianapolis, IN. I have listed their other children and vital statistics that I have uncovered about them. Tax records in 1820 show John Barkalow owned nothing more than a horse and cow so was not taxable. In 1830 Elizabeth Barkalow was listed in his place but was not taxable as owning nothing. Ten children were listed but only nine grew to maturity, married and moved to other counties to the west, into Indiana , Illinois and Arkansas.

I have records on most of Elizabeth and John' children, up to the present day in some instances, and am hoping someone reading this will recognize some surname and contact me with even the smallest clue. I did hear from one query that Elizabeth was known as "Aunt Betsy" by her nieces and nephews. Also, that they depended on John's brothers and sister for help. Also, they were thought to have lived in a "shack" on a corner of Aunt Sally Ten Eyck's farm.

The children of Elizabeth Sutton and John Barkalow were:

1. Tobias P. Barkalow ( probably for a brother) m. (1) Mary Van Tilburgh (2) Katherine Jenks

2. Sarah m. Richard Van Tilburgh (bro. of Mary)

3. William m. Elizabeth Ullery

4. Jane m. Abner Hall

5. Benjamin m. Hannah Andrews

6. Mary (my g. grandmother) m. Edward Bond (of Warren Co. also)

7. Amy m. Thomas Everingham (or Everingham)

8. Derrick (also first name of another brother of John) m. Susanna Fairchild

9. John M.

10. Rachel died young.

Elizabeth S. Schwalm, 3533 6th St. S., Arlington, VA. 222

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