Irish Suttons

by Nicholas M. Sutton, The Moyne, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, Ireland

Apologies for such a short contribution to this issue of the newsletter. I found myself unable to finish in time for submission an article on those Suttons who were implicated in the 1641 Irish Rebellion. The article will consist of the names of ten Suttons, their place of residence and depositions by people who informed on them.

The three articles I enclose could be more helpful to subscribers who are trying to locate place of origin of their antecedents. By the way, I've made a couple of unsuccessful inquiries regarding having my article posted to you though the Internet.

Sorry, again, for being late with this article. I might surprise you with an early submission for April's issue. I have been on the trail of recently stolen family related documents from our ex-solicitor's office. We, my wife and myself wish you, your wife and children and the SUTTON SEARCHERS subscribers a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Prerogative Wills.

An Estate was dealt with by the Prerogative Court, rather than a Consistorial Court, if it covered property more than 5 in a second diocese. Prerogative Wills tend to cover the wealthier classes, merchants with dealings in more than one area, and those who lived close to a diocese border i.e. where property extended over the border into an adjoining diocese. The original wills and grants of administration having been transferred to the Public Records Office Dublin, were transcribed into Prerogative Will and Grant Books, and. indexed. only the index books survived the 1922 burning of the Public Records Office during the Civil War. Some of the Will and Grant Books survived the fire but all the original wills and grants were destroyed. The surviving Prerogative Will Books are for the Period, 1664-84, 1706-8 (A-W), 1726-28 (A-W), 1728-29(A-W), 1777(A-L), 1813(K-Z), 1834 (A-E), while the Prerogative Administrations, Grants 1684-88, 1748-51, 1839; Day Books, 1784-88.

Those with the surname SUTTON contained in the "Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810."

Ambrose Sutton,Ballyveroge, Co. Wexford, gent 1700

Caesar Sutton, Longgraig, Co. Wexford, Esq 1793

Clare Sutton, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, widow 1776

David Sutton, New Ross, Co. Wexford 1742

Edward SUTTOT [sic], Syllett, Co. Kildare, gent 1601

George Sutton, Dublin, merchant 1774

George Sutton, Dublin, Alderman 1790

Isaac Sutton, Stump of the Castle, Co. Wicklow 1750

Jane Sutton, Dublin City, spinster 1811

John Fitzdavid Sutton, Waterford, merchant 1604

John Sutton, Tipper, Co. Kildare, gt 1637

I V. 236

John Sutton, Ballyseskin, Co. Wexford, Gent 1700

Joseph Sutton, Dublin, Esq 1741

Martha Sutton, New Ross, Co. Wexford, widow 1744

Michael Sutton, Wexford town, Esq 1785

Samuel Sutton, Arklow 1794

Thomas Sutton, Dublin, merchant 1783

Thos Sutton, South Carolina, America, physician, (Copy) 1795

Wm. Sutton, Tipper, Co. Kildare, gent 1586

William Sutton, Dublin, mariner 1748

Christopher Fitzdavid SuttonE, Co. Kildare, gent 1574

Jennett Suttone [sic], Dublin, widow 1548

Diocese of Ferns (Co. Wexford) Marriage Licences.

Ann Sutton and Joe Mccoy 1769

Arnold Sutton and Elizabeth Hopkins 1765

Arnold Sutton and Phoebe Randal 1804

Deborah Sutton and Thomas Quinsey 1786

Elinor Sutton and Thomas Esmond 1684

Elinor Sutton and Patrick Cloak 1698

Elizabeth Sutton and Joseph Warren 1790

Garret Sutton and Rose Skelton 1760

Gilbert Sutton and Maria Gee 1669

Jacob Sutton and Sarah Reade 1793

James Sutton and Jane Wilson 1796

Jane Sutton and Handy Pemberton 1772

Margaret Sutton and George Garrett 1752

Maria Sutton and William Brennan 1782

Mary Sutton and William Earl 1795

Michael Sutton and Margaret Talbot 1757

Michael Sutton and Eleanor Delaney 1774

Richard Sutton and Penelope Gainforth 1790

Thomas Sutton and Sarah Slegg 1684

William Sutton and Elizabeth Cookman 1765

"Irish Marriages 1771- 1812"

by Henry Farrar, being an index to the marriages in Walker's Hibernian Magazine 1897, London, published 1972 Baltimore, U.S.A.

year page

Miss Sutton = Anthy Duplony 1794 287

Miss Sutton = Alexander Kirkpatrick 1792 568

Miss Sutton = Handy Pemberton 1772 112

J.F. Sutton = Rev. Wm. Chaplin 1799 208

John Sutton, son of Patrick Sutton of Stephen's Green= Ellen Doran of Wheelagore, Co. Wexford Mar 1804 192

John Sutton of Dublin = Miss Jackson, of Essex Bridge Aug.1774 493

Miss Manners Sutton = Rev. Rhd. Lockwood 1799 144

Theophilus Sutton, woollen draper, Cork, = A. Hamilton, 2nd daughter of William Hamilton, of the same place Sep. 1807 575

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