Dear Editor:

Please inform people who leave information at the libraries to put an address of their's down [sic] so one can connect them. I found a small book in Daviess County, Kentucky genealogy library that belong to a lady who lived in Henderson Co., KY who asked that anyone with info contact her. But guess what, no address was provided! I think I now have a good amount of info on her line but I sure can't do her any good.

I am working on my GGGGGf James Sutton of Ohio Co., KY. James was b. ca 1787 in PA, d. 1842 in Ohio Co., KY. His wife's name was Mary Ann. I have some ideas and possible leads but haven't been able to pinpoint actual proof. In the biography it said he came to Vanderburgh Co.(Evansville), IN and lived there. I do find a James Mackey Sutton who purchased land here and there was a David Sutton owning land next to his and exchanging land. Also there was a James Mackey Sutton buying land in White Co., IL around the same period of time. This James Sutton had Mary Sutton as an administrator to his land. Which leads me to think that this is the same people from Ohio Co., KY. But then again, every James seems like had a wife named Mary if not an Elizabeth. Ha-ha.

We have no idea or leads as to who are the parents and sibling(s) to James Sutton or his wife Mary. BTW, I found an Alpine and a Fielding Sutton in early Ohio Co., KY. So I wonder if anyone has run across any of these names.
M. Rose Sutton Hibbs, 2317 N. Fulton Ave, Evansville, IN 47710

Dear "Rev." Sutton,

Do I recognize a challenge when I see one? Do believe you called my bluff so I have been doing double duty on the copy machine. The enclosed is just "some" of my accumulations. You didn't actually believe for a minute that I would actually throw out any of it, did you?

Thank you for your great contribution to posterity in the SUTTON SEARCHERS Newsletter. You are doing an excellent job of it and must feel great satisfaction. I have great admiration for anyone with such tenacity and dedication. [Ed: Patricia really did write this, I didn't prompt her for any of it!]

I am very flattered with your invitation to initiate a Mrs. Sutton maiden name search ...(I think)! Perhaps it would behoove you to be receptive to ideas from those more clever than I. My first impulse is to copy the FIRST BOAT publication's format of "Mary who?" but I try to stay away from plagiarism as much as I can.

But, perhaps something like this would work:

JOHN SUTTON, b. ca 1752 of Culpeper Co., VA, d. Aug. 1815 Garrard Co., KY, married two of a Pope who also had a son Eleamandor. (This should get the attention of the Vatican anyway.) His first wife was America by whom he had: (1) William b. 28 May 1788, (2) Alexander, (3) Elizabeth who m. Jacob Miller on 3 Apr. 1799; (4) Humphrey who's marriage bond date was 18 Apr. 1818 to Sophrona Gilmore, (5) Rowland, (6) Christopher, (7) John, (8) Edmond, (9) Lucinda who marriage bond date was 20 Feb. 1800 to Thomas Bosley (bondsman Edmond Sutton), and (10) Armsted. Searching for parentage of Mrs. Sutton.

Or, maybe:

SARAH WHO? m. Christopher Sutton, b. 13 Jan 1714/15, d. ca 1793, son of Christopher and Hope (Beaumont) Sutton. SARAH was b. abt 1796 in Lincoln Co., KY.

I would have written SARAH WHOM but with my luck someone would send me a WHOM lineage chart.

Patricia Donahue O'Boyle, 5802 North 42nd Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85019-1820
***************************************************************** ******

Dear Editor:

I would like to contact anyone with information on this Fletcher family:
James Clinton Fletcher son of Job L. Fletcher and Nancy Chapin, b. 9 Jan 1832 in Springfield, IL, d. 5 Aug. 1923 Boelus, NE. married Emmar Victoria SUTTON (b. 4 Jan 1833 England, d. 16 Nov. 1923) on 10 Sep 1851, Jo Daviess Co., IL. They had four children:
1. Columbus Washington Fletcher, b. 28 Feb. 1854, IL.
2. Emma Olive Fletcher, b. 25 Sep 1868, IL.
3. Christopher Carson Fletcher, b. 23 Feb. 1873, IL.
4. Maude Sylberta Fletcher, b. 8 Feb. 1881, Loup City, Sherman Co., NE.

Robert Fletcher, 14 President Way, Belleville, IL 62223-5424
***************************************************************** ******
Dear Jim:

The 1995 Anderson Sutton Reunion was held August 12 and 13. This 31st consecutive gathering was a great success. For some reason, no reunion was held between 1906 and 1965. It has traditionally been held on the weekend following the Church of Christ Camp Meeting at the Nolanville Campgrounds. This was the 110th year for the Church Camp Meeting. There were adult in their 50's that had been every year of their lives.

There were many interesting stories including 85 year old Alleen Sutton's about a donkey being an attentive witness at her wedding. There were also lots of pictures, scrap books and other history and genealogy to share. One item that might be of interest to others is Dempsey Sutton's Bible record. Dempsey was born in 1795 in Elbert (Wilkes) Co., GA the son of James Sutton.

I agree with others that you a doing a great job with this newsletter. One specific, we have been out of town and the SUTTON SEARCHERS Listing came with about 85 pounds of other mail when we returned. I glanced at it and filed it. When I looked again at it today, I notice two other Sutton Searchers who are obviously chasing a brother or nephew of my James. I will write them next.
Les Sutton, 254 Old Spring Lane, Houston, TX 77015-2042
***************************************************************** ******

Dear Mr. Sutton,

I am descended from the Scott County, Indiana Suttons. I have an Obediah Sutton, b. 13 Oct. 1807, place unknown. He married Mary Smith, 19 Sep 1829 in Scott Co., Indiana.

I have found Obed on the following census:

1830 Obadiah Sutton Clark Co. Pg. 48
1840 Obed Sutton Scott Co. Pg. 459
1850 Obed Sutton Scott Co. Pg. 332

Obed and Mary had 3 children that I know of, probably more:

1. Clarissa B. Sutton, b. 19 Jul. 1839 in Scott Co., m. Lemach Adkins on 5 Jun. 1856 in Andrew Co., Missouri, d. 24 Sep 1900 in Phillipsburg, KS.

2. William A. Sutton, b. 18 Jan 1841 in Scott Co, Ind., d. 16 Jan 1851, buried Scott Co.

3. Joshua A. Sutton, b. 5 Feb. 1848 Scott Co, d. 31 Aug. 1850 in Scott Co.

Obediah, along with William and Joshua, are buried at the Kimberlin Creek Baptist Church Cemetery in Lexington Twp, Scott Co.

There is also one other Sutton listed for Scott Co. at that same time, a ZACHEUS SUTTON, b. circa 1797 in North Carolina. Might this be a brother to Obediah, and might Obediah be from North Carolina also? I have located a present-day descendent of Zacheus, still living in Scott Co., but he does not know of Zacheus' siblings.
Teddy Noye, 40-935 Avenida Arcada, Palm Desert, CA.
[email: Tnoye@aol.com]
***************************************************************** ******


A friend on Prodigy told me about your interest in Sutton name.

My paternal g.father was Michael Sutton, b.1861 Kilkenny, Ireland, married Annie Kelly, b. 1870 Placentia, Newfoundland, Canada. Children:

  1. Alice, b. 1893, m. Pat Foran
  2. David John, b. 1894, m. Bridget McGovern
  3. Patrick J., b.1896 (my father) m. E. "Ange" Mooney b. 1899, Placentia, Nfld.
  4. Michael (Connell)b.1899 m. Ann J.Delaney
  5. Mary "Nell", b. 1900 m. Harold Keough
  6. Catherine, b.1902, m. P. Crellin
  7. Bea, b.1904, m. Lawrence King
  8. Thomas "Finn", b.1908, m. Helen Smyth
  9. Annie "Nance", b. 1909 became a nun.

All children born Pilleys Isle, Nfld. Grandmother Annie Kelly parents were Thomas & Mary Sinnott b. Ireland??. They had a business at Little Bay, Nfld. where they traded ore for goods from Ireland.

Annie Kelly had 3 brothers & 4 sisters:

1. Kate, m. Pat O'Driscoll, Nfld.
2. Polly, m. ? Collins, Nfld.
3. Margaret, m. ? McGinn, St.Johns, Nfld.
4. Julia, m. a Wyse from Placenia.
5. Thomas (Barron),
6. William lived Seattle, Wa.
7. David (Smith) S.E. Placentia, Nfld.

There was another sister of grandmother Annie whose name was Ellen and she m. ? Hearn. She died at age 33. I also have the names of Greene, O'Keefe, Nugent,. If there is any connections to your Suttons, please let me know. Thanks.
Kay Giblin, 120 Bayview Avenue, Babylon, New York 11702.

***************************************************************** ******

Dear Jim:

Recently I wrote an article on the SUTTON SEARCHERS Newsletter for the local newspaper, The Echo. I kept the flavour of the article mostly to the Irish interest of the newsletter. I was surprised and disappointed that I never received an inquiry or information on the couple of Co. Wexford families, some of whose descendants are two SUTTON SEARCHERS subscribers.

I indirectly informed Ralph Sutton, the world famous jazz pianist of your newsletter. Ralph, as you may know, is based in Denver, Colorado and was over here in Ireland recently to play in the National Concert Hall, Dublin. Ralph's grandfather, Michael Sutton with his brother William and sister, Ann, emigrated from Co. Wicklow. Ireland in 1852. Their parents were Garret Sutton and Elizabeth Foley [or Toley]. While here in Ireland Ralph tried unsuccessfully to find his roots in Co. Wicklow. Steps are underway to assist Ralph in locating his ancestors/ descendants.
Keep up the good work with the newsletter, yours sincerely

Nicholas Sutton, The Moyne, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford, IRE
***************************************************************** ******

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