Dempsey Sutton's Bible Record

submitted by Lester E. Sutton, 254 Old Spring Lane,
Houston, TX 77015-2042

"The attached six pages were copied from a small brown Bible that belonged to Dempsey Sutton. It is in remarkably good condition considering it shows a lot of use. It was brought to Texas by Anderson Sutton. It has been wet. The story was that it got wet fording a stream on the trip from Arkansas to Texas in 1851/52. As of August 12, 1995 when these copies were made, it was in the possession of

Don Sutton
Route 11, Box 216
Kileen, TX 76543

Inside the front cover: Demcy Suttons book, Anderson Sutton

Title Page:

Holy Bible
The Old and New Testaments
translated out of
Original Tongues
and with the
former translations diligently compared and
stereotype edition
New York
Stereotyped by James Conner
for the American Bible Society

On the first blank page after Revelation

Demcy Sutton was born
August 18th 1795

Anderson Sutton was born
July 19th 1816

Mereday Sutton was born
December 30th 1817

Permelia Sutton was born
February 4th 1820

Luisa Sutton was born
December 4th 1821

Calvin Sutton was born
August 6th 1822

Logan Sutton was born
July 29th 1825

On the follwoing page:

Revenny Sutton was born
October 22th 1828

Selina Sutton was born
Aprile 30th 1829

Harriet Sutton was born
March 9th 1831

James Sutton was born
March 19th 1833

William Sutton was born
March 19th 1835

Those are the sons and daughtersof Demcy Sutton and Elizabeth Sutton his wife

Upside down on the back of the previous page:

Demcy Suttons book

On the next page in obviously different handwriting:

Harriet Sutton was born the 9 day of March 1831

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