Sutton Wills in Colonial New Jersey

from research by Jim Sutton

From the New Jersey Archives' New Jersey Colonial Documents

Calendar of Wills, First Series: Vol. XXX 1730-1750, pg. 467:

1745, Jan. 10 Sutton, Daniel, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., blacksmith; will of. Wife, Mary, Son, Daniel Jackson, of plantation on Rackoon Creek, which I bought of my father-in-law, John Jackson, and Margaret, his wife. Son, John Jackson, the other half. Brother-in-law John Jackson, to give my son John the plantation he bought of Joseph Foster, and then son Daniel to have my entire plantation at age. Daughters - Catherine, Mary, Elizabeth, and Jane. All my children under age. Lot on Pearl Street, adjoining Samuel Barker left me by my father. Lot on Salem Road I bought of Thomas Clark . Executors -- wife and John Jackson. Witnesses -- John Weldin, Robert Sutton, Jno. Raworth. Proved May 21, 1746. Lib. 5, p.245.

1741, April 28, Sutton, John, of Essex Co. Int. Adm'x, Mercy Sutton, widow. Joseph Smith, of Hunterdon Co., fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 405.

1746, Dec. 17, Sutton (Sotton), John, of Middlesex Co.: will of, Wife -----. Aaron, son of Moses Sotten, and his mother. My son, Aaron's daughter and her mother. Other children -- John, Dave, Jams, [sic] Jesse, Mary and Epram. Names Peter Marten. Real and personal estate. Executors -- John and David Sotten. Witnesses -- George Boice, Jacob Boice, Leander Boice. Proved Dec. 20, 1750. Lib. E, p.469

1740, April 5, Sutton, Moses, of Peapack, Essex (Somerset?) Co., weaver. Jane Sutton, widow, renounces right to administer, and desires John Sutton, her elder son, be appointed. Witness - Benjamin Manning.

1740, April 14, Adm'r John Sutton, of Paypack [sic], yeoman. Benjamin Shelley and Samuel Willett, both of Lebanon, Hunterdon Co., yeoman, fellow bondsmen. Essex Wills, Lib.C, p. 332.

1740, July 7. Inventory, L86.6.4; made by James Sutten, Jelbes Johnson. Debtors -- Joseph Samle, Edward Luis, John Johnson, John Harris, John Bell, Hennery Beegel, Edward Jones, James Alen, Aaron Rice, Abraham Drake, Aaron Sutten, James Piat. Bond form James Pyat and Philip Cox, dated April 23, 1719.

1733, May 25, Sutton, Nathan, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co. Inventory, 1.10.0; made by Daniel Sutton and Jeremiah Drake.

1733, Aug. 22 Administration granted to Richard Sutton. Lib. B, p. 455.

Pg. 468:

1740, Oct. 13. Sutton, Peter, of Metuchen, Middlesex Co., weaver; will of. Wife, Sarah. Brother and sisters, no names given. Real and personal estate. Executors -- wife, Sarah, James Campble and John Blackford. Witnesses -- William McCreery, Alexander Thomson, Richard Sutton. Proved Nov. 1, 1740. Lib. C, p. 359.

1722, Sept. 8. Sutton, Richard, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Son, Nathan. Other sons and daughters, not mentioned by name. Real and personal estate. Executors -- wife, Sarah, brother, Daniel Sutton, and brother-in-law Peter Runyon. Witnesses -- Jno. Borrowe, William Hunt, Elizabeth Borrowe. Proved Feb 28, 1732. Lib. B, p. 385.

Calendar of Wills -- 1751-1760 VOL. XXXII, vol. III, pg. 315:

1759, Apr. 7. Sutten, Mary, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., widow; will of. Children -- John Jackson, Daniel Jackson (under age), Jean, Mary and Elizabeth. Farm in Gloucester Co. Personal property. Executors -- daughter Mary and son Daniel. Witnesses - William Folwell, Thomas Boulton, Jonathan Fenimore. Proved Dec. 31, 1759. Lib. 9, p. 305. [Editor's note: appears to be related to Daniel SUTTON entry of Jan. 10, 1745, above.]

1759, Dec. 17. Inventory, 796.8.11., include. bonds and books debts, 367.13.11; made by Jonathan Fenimore and William Folwell.

1761, Mar. 11. Account by Joseph Cox and wife, Mary, late Mary Sutton, the Executrix named above, who report for distribution a balance of 680.16.3.

Calendar of Wills -- 1761-1770 VOL. XXXIII, vol.IV, pg. 418:

1769, Sept. 27. Sutton, Benjamin, of New Windsor, Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'rs -- Esther Sutton and Joseph South. Fellow bondsman -- John Height, all of said place.

1769, Sept. 28. Inventory, 74.12.10, made by John Height and Andrew Davison. Lib. 15, p. 8.

1761, Feb. 23. Sutton, Jane, of Burlington Co. Ward. Daughter of Daniel Sutton. Guardian -- Arent Schuyler, of Burlington, yeoman. File No. 7177 C

1758, Aug,. 25. Sutton, John, of Somerset Co.; will of. Wife, Mary, 1/3 of the moveable estate and 1/3 the income of the land. Daughters, Elizabeth, Anne, Lois, and Mary, 70 each. To sons, Jeremiah, Abner and Phillip, my land. Executors -- my brother, David Sutton, my wife and son, Jeremiah. Witnesses -- Joseph Pound, John Pound, Adonilah Pound. Proved Jan. 22, 1761. more ... Lib. G, p. 354

1754, Oct. 23. Sutton Joseph, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Priscilla, use of personal and all of real, except 19 acres. Eldest son, Henry, after the death of my father, Thomas, Sutton, the said 19 acres, which lies on highway between Piscataway and New Brunswick, and which joins Moses Fitz Randolph. Youngest son, Jacob, the place where I live; also the lot I bought of William Robert and Edward Potter; also that lot which was my father, Thomas Sutton's, homestead, with 3 acres of salt meadow, at Roundabout, after the decease of my father. After the death of my wife, the personal estate is to be given to my 2 daughters, and granddaughter, Priscilla Foster. (The said daughters are named Sarah and Priscilla.) If my said granddaughter dies before she comes of age, the her share is to go to her sister, Johannah Foster. Executors -- sons, Henry Sutton, of Woodbridge, and Jacob Sutton, of Piscataway , and my friend, Isaac Ferrit. Witnesses -- William Potter, Ebenezer Collins, Josiah Davis. Proved April 21, 1762. Lib. H, p. 51.

1762, Dec. 11. Sutton, Julius, of Middletown, Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r -- Isaac Vandorn, of Freehold, the principal creditor. Fellow bondsman -- Jacob Vandorn, Jr.; both of said Co. Lib H, p. ?

1768, March 8. Sutton, Richard, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r Elizabeth Sutton, widow of Richard. Fellow bondsman -- John Anderson and Amos Sutton; both of said Co. Witness -- Richard Sutton. Lib. I, p. 191.

1766, March 30. Sutton, Robert, of Burlington Co.; will of. My house and lot in Burlington, and my meadow, to be sold, and the money divided among my 5 children, Robert, Daniel, James and John Sutton, and daughter, Deborah Bird. Witnesses -- Ann Price, Christopher Flower, Gabriel Blond. Proved June 25, 1766.

1766, June 25 Whereas Robert Sutton made his will and appointed me Executor, therefore James Sutton, of Burlington, mariner, is made Adm'r with will annexed, and John Carty of same place, taylor, goes on his bond. File No. 8083 C.; Lib. 13, p. 25.

Calendar of Wills -- 1771-1780 VOL. XXXIV, vol.V,
pg. 512:

1777, Sept. 5. Sutton, Aaron, of Hunterdon Co.; will of. Son, John, 5. Daughter, Rachel Sutton, a horse, etc. Sons, Aaron and Richard, and my daughter, Rachel Sutton, all my land. If my plantation is sold, the 3 acres, which I bought of Daniel Handly, to be excepted, which I give to my son, Aaron. Executors -- sons, Aaron and Richard, and my daughter, Rachel Sutton. Witnesses -- Alexander Moore, Phillip Row, Peter Brunner. Proved Feb. 13, 1778. Lib. 18, p. 640.

1775, Dec. 1. Sutton David, of Bernards Township, Somerset Co.; will of. To my wife, of my estate. To Marah, Jeonner and Abigail, who are the 3 youngest of my daughter, Elizabeth, deceased 5 a piece. To the children which my daughter, Marah, had, who is deceased, viz., to eldest son, David, 10, and to each of the rest, 5. Eldest son, Isaac, 10, and then to have equal with David, John, Abraham, Jeames, Moses and Sarah. Executors -- sons, David and Moses. Witnesses -- John Collins, Hannah Collins, Benjamin Courton. Proved Dec. 19, 1775. Lib. L, p. 276.

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