Seventeen Pounds Reward

New Jersey Colonial Documents: Newspaper Extracts, New Jersey Archives, 1st Series Vol. XXIV, vol. V - 1762-1765, p. 91.

From The Pennsylvania Gazatte, No. 1764, October 14, 1762.

"Whereas a certain John Zenger came to the Dwelling house of Jonas Sutton, in the Township of Amwell, Hunterdon County, and Province of West-New-Jersey, and in a false and fraudulent manner, obtained from him a Woman's Side-Saddle and Bridle, under Pretence of borrowing them for his Aunt to ride on, who was an aged woman in the neighbourhood, with whom said Zenger lived, but he, fraudulently intending, did, in the Night of the 20th of September last, abscond himself from his Uncle's, which was his usual Place of Abode, and has taken his wife, and said saddle and bridle with him. Whoever will take up said John Zenger, and secure him in the Jail of the County aforesaid, shall receive the above Reward of Seventeen Pounds, paid by me Jonas Sutton"

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